Our History

About Us - History


Where it all Began


Enwon is a Civil Construction Company in Sydney and we're proud to have been working within the civil construction and maintenance sector for over 25 years.  Starting in the concrete kerbing industry as Concrete and Gutter Contractors, Enwon’s founders introduced Australia to its first mechanised concrete kerbing machine. We have been providing concrete services in Sydney and to the RMS ever since.

RMS’s civil demands and requests continued to grow over the years as they became more and more reliant on contractors and Enwon’s services grew accordingly to accommodate these requirements. From taking on kerb replacement and asphalt works to entire intersection improvements. Recently, we have had the privilege of working with the RMS to upgrade sections of Pennant Hills Rd and James Ruse Drive.

Enwon has extensive Civil Construction and Maintenance experience, completing all services in house backed up with third party accredited systems. 

We pride ourselves on being an equal opportunity employer and although we have a relatively small employee base, we are proud to have individuals from various backgrounds with diverse life experience.  Our employees range from 17 to 52 years of age, giving us a wealth of experience and some new fresh outlooks as well.  We have enjoyed breaking language barriers that have arisen from employing individuals of Spanish and French descent.  Additionally, we are pleased to have recently employed a young man of indigenous heritage and look forward to watching him grow and prosper as an employee of Enwon (Australia) Pty Ltd



What the Future holds


Our goal for the future is to build on the platform we have constructed over the last twenty-five years, to ensure that we continue to surpass the expectations of our Civil Construction, Kerbs and Guttering, Rural Driveways and Car Park maintenance clients.

Our highest priority is providing our clients with impeccable quality, safety and timeliness when completing our projects. Meeting and exceeding local Government and RMS standards for both quality and safety. We know that the quality of our work will be measured by the gratification of our clients, and we are happy to say that our repeat business tells our story better than we ever could.

We are proud that our clients include: Sydney Rail, RMS, Downer, CPB, VBA, and the NSW Land & Housing Corporation. We continue to exceed their expectations on each project and we aim to provide a service of the highest quality standards for a price that is competitive and reasonable.

We look forward to working alongside you.