Carpark Re-Construction

Car Park Reconstruction

Project Brief

This project that was undertaken for The Land and Housing Corporation included a lot of Demolition works and Disposal of old surfaces to Council requirements. A complete renewal of all concrete pavement, car park and drainage pits was completed in the 2 week contract term.


Project Requirements

  1. Removal of existing concrete car park, drive way and other concrete areas.
  2. Removal of old toilet, underground drainage pipes and pits, light pole, box drains and dispose off them to council requirements.
  3. Demolish existing letter box and construct a new brick letter box.
  4. Demolish all brick walls in project area and dispose off them to council requirements.
  5. Excavate the car park area including driveways and dispose off all material.
  6. Compact sub-grade and lay and compact sub-base layer.
  7. Lay Concrete pavement and level the top surface to direct drainage to the proposed pit.
  8. Provide saw-cut joints and dowelled joints in accordance with drawings.
  9. Line mark car park and install signal posts
  10. Construct drainage pit at the Southern boundary as well as a box drain across driveway.
  11. Install lighting facility.

All works were completed within the allocated project time.