Menai Marketplace

Car Park Pedestrian Crossings

Menai Marketplace needed to upgrade the access for pedestrians from their existing carpark to the shopping complex. We estimated all 3 stages would take approximately 10 weeks to complete as we needed to dig trenches, lay drainage, backfill, lay asphalt and remark all Pedestrian Crossings.

The full extent of the works is laid out below, all works were carried out at night to ensure clear access to the complex during trading hours:

Site Establishment

  • Site compound was established to store equipment, stockpile small amounts of materials and secure a site toilet.
  • Temporary water bollards fencing erected to close construction site to prevent pedestrian and traffic access.
  • Alternative pedestrian walkways were clearly defined to provide market clients with a safe path to walk around the work area.
  • Cold mixed used to cover every ground hole at the end of every shift enabling normal use of the driveway and car park.

Excavate trenches subsoil and install drainage line and pits

  • Trenches were excavated to the right depth taking longer than expected because the appearance of Hawkesbury sandstone.
  • Bedding material was placed and compacted.
  • Pits were placed as per original layout and variations and connections with pipes sealed with grout.
  • Drainage pipes laid to line and level as shown in the drawings.

Install new kerb, Kerb ramps and footpath connection.

  • Existing pavement was saw cut and excavated to 150mm.
  • Road base was leveled and compacted to provide a good base for new concrete.
  • Concrete was placed and finished to a thickness of 150mm with SL72 steel mesh.
  • Concrete was coloured in specified areas as required.

Backfill kerbs and landscape

  • Backfill material was brought in to fill in disturbed areas behind the new kerbs at the first threshold.
  • New plants were sown in all disturbed areas and watered in.

Install asphalt infill and pedestrian crossing

  • New asphalt pavement was laid and compacted as an overlay on the existing pavement creating ramp shape as per original drawing details.

Install New Line Marking and Signage

  • Line marking was painted as per the original layout in the thresholds and driveway proximities.
  • Different signs were installed all along both the main and the back driveways.

Install trolley bay wheel stops

  • Trolley bays were installed according to standards.
  • Wheel stops were installed according to standards.

Install Pedestrian Fence