Windsor Bridge Replacement Project

Windsor Bridge Civil Works

Project Brief

To provide all Civil works in relation to the Windsor Bridge replacement project. To supply all equipment, trained personnel and materials required to comply with the RMS timeframe and requirements for compound establishment, back filling and road and pavement re-establishment. To work alongside and in direct contact with the Archaeological society to establish Aboriginal remains and any other materials of archaeological significance within the excavation site.

The full extent of the works is laid out below:

RMS Requirements

  • Supply equipment, plant, operators and personnel needed for the completion of a substantial archaeological excavation.
  • Preparation of the surface of the main works compound, creating a basic right turn treatment into the proposed compound along Wilberforce road and cutting of road and pavement surfaces prior to excavations.
  • Building and removing temporary fencing and road barriers around work zones before and after the excavations..
  • Careful and controlled mechanical excavation of pits (working with archaeologists).
  • Transportation of spoil and excavated materials from the work zones to the main works compound.
  • Backfilling of completed pits and making good of road and pavement surfaces to RMS specs.

Excavation Pits

  • Working with Archaeologists to undertake careful and controlled excavation of exploritory pits.
  • Once finished back fill all pits.
  • Take all spoil and transport to main compound.
  • Replace all pavement and road surfaces to RMS specifications.

Site Compound works

  • Lay temporary surfacing of approx. 200 Square metres to road shoulder.
  • Create a basic right turn for entry into Compoud.
  • Widen part of the road leading into the Compound to allow for traffic flow..
  • Prepare site access points (temporary ramps etc) and alternative pedestrian access.
  • Erect all temporary fencing required.

Preparations, excavation, backfilling and reinstatement in landscaped areas

  • Prepare site access points and alternate pedestrian access routes in accordance with TCP's and ROL's.
  • Place road barriers, temporary fencing and facilitate hole digging procedures where needed.
  • Undertake controlled mechanical excavation and stock pile all grass and materials under the supervision of archaeologists.
  • Transport all spoil by truck to main compound storage or sieving areas.
  • Backfill all pits with previously excavated materials and clean fill.
  • Remove all temporary fencing and road barriers around completed pits.
  • Prepare next pits.

Equipment and services

  • Supply all trucks and equipment necessary.
  • Concrete and bitumen cutting services.
  • Small water tanker.
  • Any other equipment as required.

Other tasks

  • Daily refuelling of diesel generator and light tower.
  • Provision of approved clean backfill for pits.
  • Assist with flood evacuation if necessary.


This major project for the Roads and Maritime will forever change the look and feel of the Windsor bridge site and therefore will extend for as long as is necessary for the works to be complete. We are honoured to be a part of such an historical and life changing event.